Maharashtra is the most progressive state of India and is called economic powerhouse. The State Govt. of Maharashtra is making all out efforts to accelerate the pace of development and invite investments in the State both from the country as well as Foreign Direct Investments (F.D.I.).

Nagpur is the second capital of Maharashtra and has strategic central location in India as well as the international aviation routes. It has a great agricultural and minerals rich hinterland with huge forests. It has connectivity to all parts of India, both by National Highways as well as main trunk rail routes and also the air connectivity. Nagpur city is educational and business center of central India. In real sense, it is a cosmopolitan tier two city of not only Maharashtra but India. In recent survey it has been found that Nagpur is the second most cosmopolitan city in India after Mumbai. It has excellent roads, water, power and telecommunication infrastructure. It has been awarded as India’s No.2 green city. It has about 45 engineering colleges and about 13 medical colleges in and around the city. Every year about 10,000 Engineers and about 3,000 Doctors are graduating from these colleges.

In order to tap this potential, Govt. of Maharashtra has decided to develop a composite project called ‘Multi-Model International Passenger and Cargo Hub Airport at Nagpur’ (MIHANTM). The project comprises of developing the existing domestic airport of Nagpur as an international passenger and cargo hub airport, along with a Multi Product Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which is abutting to the boundary of the airport.

The existing airport presently on about 400 Hectares is to be developed as an international passenger and cargo hub airport over a total area of about 1,295 Hectares by providing world-class huge terminal building on about 3 million Sq.Ft. built-up area, constructing a second parallel runway of 4,000 Mt. length and 60 Mt. width and an exclusive cargo complex. It will have a holding capacity of about 100 aircraft.

Salient Features of Multi- Modal International Hub Airport at Nagpur (MIHANTM):

  • MIHANTM project area – 4354 Hectares
  • Runway – Existing runway to be extended from 3200 meters to 3600 meters, provision made for an additional parallel runway 4000 x 60 meters capable of handling Airbus A380 and similar aircrafts.
  • Projected traffic – 14 million passengers a year & 8, 70,000 Tonnes of cargo a year, by 2030 (may be earlier).
  • Type of Airport – International Hub Airport for Passenger and Cargo.
  • Type of connectivity – Multi-Model Airport, Railway Terminal for Passengers and Goods, Truck Terminal all in one project.
  • Special Economic Zone – operational multi-product SEZ.
  • Passenger amenities – Hotels, Restaurants, SPA, Duty-Free Shopping Centers, Retiring rooms.
  • Other facilities – Multiplex, educational, Medical, Shopping Malls etc.
  • Residential facilities for persons working in MIHANTM related activities.
  • Value Added Commercial Services Complex.
  • Total investment will be about $ 20 billion in next five years.
  • Employment generated in MIHANTM Project is estimated at about 1, 20,000 direct jobs by year 2018 in MIHANTM area.

Note: A total of 3293.84 Hectares of land is in possession of Maharashtra Airport Development Company as on 18th December 2009. This includes 183.21 hectares govt. land transferred to MADC for the MIHANTM Project.


Project Water Supply & Sewage System

Consultant M/s. Kirloskar Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Contractor M/s. Nagarjuna Construction Co. Ltd.

Project Cost about Rs.202 Crore

Cost of Work Done till date: 98.99

Completion Date Janaury 2009

Project Road Network & Related Elements

Consultant M/s. SPAN Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Contractor M/s. PBA Sadbhav Joint Venture

Project Cost about Rs.143 Crore

Cost of Work Done till date: 107.36

Completion Date December 2008

Project Rail Over Bridge & Interchange

Consultant M/s. Consulting Engineering Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Contractor M/s. AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd.

Project Cost about Rs.69 Crore

Cost of Work Done till date: 25.71

Completion Date June 2008

Project Storm Water Channel Network

Consultant M/s. SPAN Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Contractor M/s. PBA Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Project Cost about Rs.10 Crore

Cost of Work Done till date: 2.9

Completion Date March 2008

Project Power Distribution Network Including Sub-Station

Consultant M/s. Mott MacDonald

Contractor M/s. Jyoti Structures Ltd.

Project Cost about Rs.98 Crore

Cost of Work Done till date: 25.00

Completion Date April 2008

Project Telecommunication Network & Telecom Exchange Building

Consultant ( P&D) M/s. TATA Tele Services (Maharshatra) Ltd.

Consultant (PM) M/s. Matrix Technical Services (P) Ltd.

Contractor: M/s. Duraline India Pvt. Ltd./ Sadiq & Co. Engineer & Builders

Project Cost about Rs.12 crore

Cost of Work Done till date: 1.69

Completion Date May 2008 & October 2008 respectievly

Project Central Facility Building

Design Consultant M/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (ECC Division)

Contractor: M/s. Shapoorji Palloonji & Co.Ltd.

Project Cost about Rs.44 Croree

Cost of Work Done till date: 13.71

Completion Date July 2008

Project Boundary Wall around SEZ

Design Consultant M/s. SPAN Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Contractor M/s. J. K. Pre- Stressing Works

Project Cost about Rs.7 Crore

Cost of Work Done till date: 6.65

Completion Date March 2008

Project Fire Station

Design Consultant M/s. Prasad & Associates

Contractor M/s. Yeses Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Project Cost about Rs.4.55 Crore

Cost of Work Done till date: 0.38

Completion Date March 2008

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