Places to visit in Nagpur And Near Nagpur

Sr No. Place Name Place Type Address & Details
1 Creazy Castle Water Park ambazari road
2 Fun 'N' Food Village Water Park c/o Fun N Food Village 35 Km on Amravati Road Bazargaon, Teh & District, Nagpur
3 Highland Park Water Park 15 Kms From Nagpur Amravati Road, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur Amravati Road, Nagpur - 440008
4 Ramtek Shri Ram Temple 42 km northeast of Nagpur city
5 Tadoba National Park Wildlife 100 km south of Nagpur and 45 km north of Chandrapur.
6 Pench National Park Pench Irrigation project The Pench National Park and Tiger Reserve extends over an area of 257 in the lower southern reaches of the Satpura hill ranges, along the northern boundary of Nagpur District. It was declared a National Park by the Government of Maharashtra in 1975 and received the official status of "Tiger Reserve of India" in February 1999. The park gets its name from the Pench River, which meanders through it like a mammoth python, dividing it down the center. Rich in its biodiversity, its terrain defined by hills, valleys and the occasional precipitous slope, Pench is an important ecosystem supporting an abundance of flora and fauna, including a rich variety of acquatic life.
7 Deeksha Bhoomi monument for Buddhists where Buddhists receive Deeksha  
9 Khindsi   Ramtek gets its name from Lord Rama who, with Sita and Laxman, is said to have rested here. The taluka, which is situated along the north and north-eastern areas of Nagpur District, covering an area of 1129 sq. miles, is famous for its Ram Mandir and the Kalidas memorial to the celebrated playwright, which grace the top of a hill.
10 Markanda   175 km. from Nagpur via Nagbhid and Mul. Known as the Khajuraho of Vidarbha, this complex of 18 Shiva temples marks a bend in the Wainganga river. believed to have been built between AD 800 and AD 1000, these temples extravagantly showcase exquisite sculptures that are reminiscent of the famous Khajuraho temples of Madhya Pradesh.
11 Telankadi Lake    
12 Shukrawari Lake    
13 Botanical Gardens    
14 Japanese Rose Garden    
15 Lake Garden Sakkardara    
16 Maharaj Bagh    
17 Musical Garden    
18 Raman Science Centre    
19 Bohra Masjid    
20 Sri Balaji and Sri Kartikeya Temple    
21 Telankhedi Hanuman Temple    
22 Telankhedi Shiv Temple    
23 Koradi Temple Shri Mahalaxmi Devi temple nagpur - Koradi 17 km . koradi road
24 Kunwara Bhimsen Kunwara Bhimsen Baba Mandir Coordinates: 21°29'14"N 79°10'15"E
25 Ambazari Garden    
26 Tekdi Ganapati Temple Temple  
27 Sai Baba Temple Temple Wardha Road
28 Ambhora   65 km. from Nagpur via Kuhi, off Umred road. Located at the confluence of the Wainganga, Kanhan, Amba and other rivers, this place is famous for its temples and for a festival organized there thrice a year.
28 Khekranala   The reservoir of Khekranala lies amidst the lush forests of the Khapa Range, in the north-eastern Vdiarbha region. Just 55 kms from Nagpur on the Chhindwara Road, near Khapa, this spot is ideal for setting up base camp for an invigorating trek through the rugged, low-lying hills that surround the reservoir. Indeed, there is much to see and imbibe. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna ? including the occasional tiger ? that will intrigue wildlife enthusiasts and scientists alike. The Shiva temple, located in a natural cave, is also worth a visit. Yes Khekranala might be a small spot on the face of Vidarbha, but it is a beauty spot nonetheless!
29 Adasa   42 km. from Nagpur via Kalmeshwar and Dhapewada. This is the site of the ancient Ganesh temple, which houses a statue of the deity, believed to have been self-evolved. It is one of the eight Ashta-Vinayakas in Vidarbha
30 Ambakhori   This spot, on the bank of the Pench river, is noted for its natural beauty and serenity. It's a popular picnic spot.
31 Navegaon Khairi   56 km. from Nagpur (N.H.No.-7), then turn left towards Parshivni. This dam site, located in Parseoni forest range, is an attractive picnic spot. The lake, surrounded by richly forested hills, is an oasis of calm amidst a sea of emerald green. It's good for bird-watching.
32 Dragon Temple   21 kms. from Nagpur at Kamptee. This architecturally beautiful Buddhist temple was built with Japanese funding. Visitors to Nagpur never fail to drop in here.
33 Keljhar   50 km. from Nagpur on Nagpur - Hinganghat Road. Visit the place to view a fort which houses an ancient statue of Lord Ganesh. During recent excavations around the site of the Ganesh temple, a carved four-armed statue of Goddess Lakshmi dating back to the Yadav period was unearthed.
34 Totladoh Dam and Reservior   80 km. from Nagpur on H.H. No.-7. This dam, a part of the Pench River hydroelectric project, sits amidst a scenic wonderland, where blue water and emerald green forest come together in an almost picture-postcard setting.
35 Salbardi   135 km. from Nagpru, off the N.H. No.-6 to Amravati. There are two natural springs at Salbardi - one hot and the other cold. In the vicinity are two massive rock-cut caves where, legend has it, Sita gave birth to her two sons, Lav and Khush.
36 Pavni   108 km. from Nagpur, off Umred. This is the ancient capital of Vidarbha and the site of a fort, various temples and a Buddhist stupa. One of Vidarbha Ashta-Vinayakas is also located here.
37 Navegaon National Park   122 km. from Nagpur, off Nagpur-Kolkata road (N.H. No.-6). This park is home to 300 species of local and migratory birds and a variety of tree species, including bamboo, haldu, palash, and dhawda. The Navegaon Lake is a favourite of picnickers and birdwatchers.
38 Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary   122 km. from Nagpur, off Nagpur-Kolkata road (N.H.No.-6), 25 km. north of Sakoli Spread
39 Ambagarh Fort   110 km. from Nagpur in the wonderfully wild Bhandara district, near Gaimukh. This bastion was built by the Gonds in 1690. It is known for the Gaimukh temple (devoted to Lord Shiva and Parvati).
40 Bhadravati   130 km. from Nagpur on Nagpur-Chandrapur road. A major pilgrimage centre with a beautiful Jain Temple and also a Ganesh Temple. One of the Ashta-Vinayaks of Vidarbha is located.
41 Pratapgarh Fort   150 km. from Nagpur via Sakoli and Navegaon. Build by the Gond kings in 1743, this fort stands on a 543-meter-high hillock. It makes an imposing sight, which is not to be missed.
42 Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary   200 km. from Nagpur via Yavatmal. This sanctuary lies in the Yavatmal district and is bordered on three sides by the Painganga river. the latter splits into several streams and plunges 40 meters to form the Sahastrakund waterfalls. Best seen during the July to November period.
43 Sewagram   80 km. from Nagpur, 3 km. from Wardha. This place is well known for the Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi where he spent several years. On display is several personal memorabilia of the Mahatma.
44 Tadoba Tiger Project   150 km. from Nagpur via Umred, Chimur upto Navegaon Gate; 45 km away from Chandrapur. Tadoba is one of three tiger reserves in Vidarbha. Densely forested with stands of teak and bamboo, it is the prime habitat for tigers and leopards. These big cats aside, Tadoba is home to nilgai, sambhar, chital, gaur, chausingha, sloth bears, wild boars, wild dogs, flying squirrels, marsh crocodiles, and more than 235 species of birds.
45 Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary   190 km. from Nagpur, off Nagpur - Hyderabad Highway (N.H.No.-7); on State Highway No. - 28. This sanctuary, marked by the Waghadi River flowing down its western flank, is home to an interesting array of birds, animals and reptiles.
46 Chikhaldara   265 km from Nagpur; 110 km. from Amravati. This idyllic hill-station of rolling hills, waterfalls, lakes, valleys, and winding sterams, likes on the northern fringe of Maharashtra, 1118 meters above sea level. Just 5 km away in Gavilgad, which has a 19-ft-high statue of Kalbhairav and a 16 ft. cannon.
47 Pachmari   Pachmarhi is Madhya Pradesh?s most verdant jewel, a place where nature has found exquisite expression in myriad enchanting ways. Green shades embrace the mountains, and everywhere is heard the gentle murmur of flowing water. Bridle paths lead into tranquill forest glades; groves of wild bamboo and lamun, dense sal forests and delicate bamboo thickets.
48 Karanja Lad-Sohal Blackbuck Sanctuary   265 km. from Nagpur; 35 km. from Murtijapur on N.H. No.-6. Karanja Lad is the birthplace of the reversed Maharaj Narsimha Saraswati. A temple in his honour has been built here. Nearby, is the blackbuck sanctuary with its spacious grasslands.
49 Lonar   385 km. from Nagpur via Yavatmal, Washim and Mehekar. 110 km. from Aurangabad city. The Lonar Crater was formed nearly 50,000 years ago, when a 2 million ton meteorite impacted the earth to create a depression 1.83 kilometers in diameter and 150 meters deep. Today, Lonar is an idyllic expanse of sky blue water amidst a sprawling emerald forest, which abounds in a wide variety of flora and founa.