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Stamps from the Orange City

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The article “Orchard fruits” (YW March 17)mentioned that Madagascar was the world’s largest island. This is incorrect as Greenland is the largest island.

India Post brought out a commemorative stamp in 2002 featuring two landmarks of Nagpur, coupled with a picture of oranges and an ancient octagonal coin, during the tercentenary celebrations of the city.

What was a small settlement in 1702, Nagpur, located in India’s geographical centre, is today bustling with people and industries.

The city blends tradition and modernity in its precincts.

Designed as a sheetlet, the stamp, priced at Rs.5, depicts Vidhan Bhavan, the Samadhi of Raghuji Bhonsle, the benevolent ruler of Berar with Nagpur as his capital and a portrait of King Bhakt Buland Shah who unified 12 scattered hamlets into an urban centre, which morphed into a large city. As India’s orange hub, Nagpur has earned the epithet “The Orange City of India”, the sweet, juicy fruit forming part of the vignette.


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