Carry your office documents with you anywhere anytime.
Moreover, with OfficeSuite it is as easy as ABC to create dynamic text documents, calculate and analyze data right on your phone.

Need to modify an existing office document on the go? No worries OfficeSuite will keep the original document format and still allow you to make the desired changes.

OfficeSuite has two separate work modes:

In View mode you can open and read document without any limitations in functionality or time. No limited trials!
In Edit mode documents can be modified on the device and saved in their original format.

OfficeSuite is empowered with a unique algorithm for opening Office documents. Native MS formats are processed faster and smarter than any other mobile application.
Only with OfficeSuite you are capable of opening and modifying RTF files on the mobile phone.

4 ways to transfer office documents:
Bluetooth transfer to other phone or PC
Infrared beaming
Direct upload from/to your PC via cable connection
As Email attachments

# Verion 2.10 Localization in German, French, Italian and Spanish
# Faster file opening and saving
# Ability to open files from the phone Inbox or the standard File Manager
# Keyboard shortcuts to most used commands