This is a fully customisable call recording application with rules for saving conversations for incoming/outgoing calls from known/unknown numbers. Easy to use and extremely discrete

How to start:

Activate Best CallRecorder – for this select Settings command from menu, then toggle the Activate option to On state.
To have Best CallRecorder saving only those phone conversations you need, select Rules command from menu and set the rules according to your requirements;

Records view:

The main view of Best CallRecorder shows all phone conversation records. Here you can listen to those records, delete them and get detailed information about a record. The list of operations with records is following:

Play record. While playing a record, you can change the volume with joystick left/right moves;
Call a contact or a phone number. If the highlighted record has a phone number associated, you can dial it even without exiting Best CallRecorder – just press the Call button or select this command;
Properties – displays a dialog with detailed information about the record;
Delete (hot key: ‘C’) – deletes the marked records;
Delete all;
Pack – deletes all records from the list which don’t have a sound file associated (e.g. if it was manually deleted);
Refresh – reloads the list of records;

Record rules:

Best CallRecorder allows creating the rules of following types:

Default – this rule will be put into action if none of the active rules is used;
Unknown – if caller’s number cannot be defined this rule will be used;
Contact – you can set a separate rule for a specific contact;
Group – a rule for a group of contacts;
Phone – a rule for a phone number. You can use a mask for phone numbers. A match pattern can contain wildcard characters “*” and “?”, where “*” matches zero or more consecutive occurrences of any character and “?” matches a single occurrence of any character.
‘*111′ – all numbers ending at 111;
’111*’ – all numbers beginning with 111;
’12?34′ – all numbers like 12034, 12134 … 12934;
Each rule can have the following actions set to perform when the rule is matched:

Ask before record – if this action is selected, Best CallRecorder will ask you whether to record a phone call or not;
Record incoming calls – allows recording incoming calls;
Record outgoing calls – allows recording outgoing calls;
Note: If you haven’t chosen any action or have chosen only Ask before record, this rule will be disabled


In this dialog you can configure the following settings:

Activate (Turn on / turn off)
Record format (amr / wav)
Records memory (Phone memory / Memory card)
Max record time (unlimited / MM:SS)
Name format (First Last name / Last First name)

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